Marshmallows: attempt #1 of possibly many

Well, these were odd.  My friend made amazingly light and fluffy marshmallows from scratch several months ago, so I decided to give them a shot using this recipe.  Mine, though very nice to look at and fairly tasty, are pretty dense.  I think where I went wrong was in not letting the whole mixture whip as long as it should have.  My error here seems to be a lack of air.  I already have an idea for a new flavour, so after a bit of shopping tonight I’m going to have another stab at this.

Edit: Upon further discussion and reflection, we came to the conclusion that these are in fact more of a “utility-mallow:” excellent for dipping in chocolate, making s’mores with, cutting up for adding to desserts, etc.  Good for snacking on, but not as good as my friend’s, which I later discovered had had egg whites in them, and thus the much lighter texture.  Hers are more of a “snacking-mallow:” better eaten on their own without any adulteration.

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