Chocolate swirl marshmallows: attempt #2

Mmmm...chocolateI am much happier with the texture of these than the first batch of plain marshmallows.  This time, I let the mixer whip the syrup and gelatine together for the full 10 minutes instead of 8 like I did last time.  It seems to have made for a significantly fluffier mallow.  I may have also let the syrup cook a couple degrees less though, although I’m not sure.  (Although these marshmallows turned out better in the end, I somehow screwed up the first two batches of syrup last night, screaming profanities at it as I watched it collect around my whisk attachment in an amber clump and clatter around the bowl.)

At any rate, they are very good.  I took Brownie Points’ suggestion of swirling in the chocolate at the end of mixing rather than adding it to the liquid that the gelatine blooms in.  Sound advice: not only did the mallows retain their volume, but they’re very pretty too, with swirls of dark and light brown mixing with the white.  I also added a little cocoa powder to the icing sugar/rice flour dusting mix, which adds another small hit of chocolate.


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