Lobster + ginger + orange + apricot

Ginger-poached lobster with orange/apricot salsa

Ginger-poached lobster with orange/apricot salsa

I recently heard about The Paper Chef and thought that it was an amazing idea.  Basically: someone picks some random ingredients and you make up a dish including them.  It’s like Iron Chef, only better because if you fail spectacularly, no one needs to know about it.  Also, you don’t have the crazy “chairman” giving you the stink eye.  Or maybe that makes it less awesome.

At any rate, the ingredients for this challenge were lobster, apricot, orange and ginger.  I’d originally intended to make some kind of lobster burger with a fancy salsa, but I then realized that with a fancy salsa, a burger might be a bit much.

Instead, I opted to poach my lobster tail whole.  I boiled some water for several minutes with quite a bit of finely grated ginger and salt.  After about 10 minutes, I fished out the ginger with a spider, took the water down to a simmer, and added about 1/2 a cup of unsalted butter.  I poached the tail for about 7 minutes (which was a bit too long; it was a small tail).

On top I served the salsa, which was composed of the following: chopped navel orange supremes, finely chopped dried apricot pieces that I’d soaked first in water with more ginger (hard to get fresh apricots in Edmonton in April), minced green onion, salt, and the juice of a key lime to cut the sweetness.Ginger butter for poaching the lobster

In the end, I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it.  I’ve never cooked a lobster (or any of its bits) for myself before, hence the overcooking.  Still, it was really well seasoned and not so overcooked as to be inedible.  And the salsa went really nicely with it!  All the richness of the lobster and butter was very much helped by the lightness and freshness of the fruit.  It could have used a little more ginger, but I used a lot of restraint because I do tend to overdo it with the ginger sometimes and I really didn’t want to wreck this dish.  Grating a smidge into the salsa itself would have been nice.

With a few tweaks, I think I would actually serve this to people.



  1. Tricia

    You fished the ginger out with a spider??!? What does that mean, exactly? Do you train arachnids up there in Edmonton? :^)

    But the dish sounds delicious. Looks like I’m the only one who didn’t use real lobster – but now I know 2 different ways to cook it, so maybe I’ll give it a try some time!

    • pantophagous

      Ha! Yes, a spider. Just a shallow spoon made of wire that I use when deep-frying, but also good for assisting in the poaching process. No arachnids here (at least not in my food!)
      Once I saw how little meat I actually got out of my $10 lobster tail, I was pretty disappointed. The photo is close to actual size. Real lobster is not something I’m going to make a habit of purchasing, I can assure you!

      • Tricia

        I looked up ‘spider spoon’ and realized that we have one of those, only we bought it under the auspices of being a bagel skimmer. I’ll be calling it a spider from now on!

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