Adventures in flatbread

One of my favourite foods to eat is labaneh from The Happy Camel. I pick up a small tub of it once in a while from the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market, which is close to where I live and a nice place to go on a Saturday morning.  They also have the best hummus ever, and a really nice vegetable spread.  Their flatbreads are also amazing, but trying to stick to a budget, I thought this week that my best bet would be to go for the hummus and labaneh and try my hand at making my own soft flatbread.

A quick search for “soft flatbreads” on the internet yielded a lovely-looking recipe that I decided to try: lahuhua, a Yemenite jewish bread that you make in a skillet.  The prep is time-consuming but very simple: mix dry ingredients (I made mine 50% whole wheat) with frothy yeast, let rise for an hour, then stir and let rise for a second hour.  After that, you’re basically making pancakes.  The bread came out soft and squishy and perfect for dipping with my beloved yoghurt cheese.  I also chucked the rest of the bread in the freezer overnight and when I took out a piece this morning, discovered that it freezes and defrosts in the microwave very well.

Success with breads!


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