Last month, I was honoured to be chosen by the lovely Adele as the winner of the 51st Paper Chef.  As a result, I have been given the task of choosing both the ingredients and the winner for the May challenge.  And what a challenge it is!  When I first saw the 3 items I pulled out of my (highly unglamourous) empty rubber band box, I was surprised and confused.  I mulled them over though, and decided that they would work just fine, because the internet is nothing if not full of supremely creative people.

So here they are, chefs:

Paper Chef #52 ingredient list

Wasabi, tomatoes, duck, and my ingredient choice: cream.  Here are the rules if you need a refresher.  Now go out and be awesome!



  1. Tricia

    Man, I totally forgot last week was Paper Chef (haven’t been checking my rss feeds either) – but it’s probably for the best, because I doubt I would have done anything with those ingredients, and then I would have just felt guilty about it…

    But I will look for the round-up and see what others did!

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