And the spatula goes to…

So here’s the breakdown of what people were able to come up with using the nonsense that was the group of ingredients I chose for May’s Paper Chef challenge:

Karen of Prospect: The Pantry came up with wilted dandelion greens with wasabi cream and duck bacon.  DUCK. BACON.  I had no idea such a wondrous thing existed!  I will have to seek it out because it, and this dish, looks wonderful.  I think it was an incredibly creative way to use the duck and I may need to try and replicate this myself.


Next up: Cathy of Show Food Chef produced duck potstickers in tomato broth with wasabi cream sauce.  They look delectable, and I love that they were cooked in something other than just water.  I would like one immediately.

Third:  Kizzy’s pan-seared duck with tomato-sake-cream sauce and honey wasabi oil at Culinary Annotations.  This dish is inspired.  Not deterred at all by the strong flavours already present, Kizzy added sake and honey to create a really amazing dinner that I think I would be too nervous to attempt.

Lastly, there was Pauline’s Bebek pendang with wasabi cream soup.  It looks so tasty, yet still simple: the duck being cooked with tomato sauce and ginger.  And the soup is so creative; I bet the spinach and cream go really well with the wasabi.


This was a real challenge for me, because all of the entries sound so amazing and I want to eat all of them.  In the end though, someone has to take over next month, and that someone is Cathy for those awesome potstickers.  I’m not sure I should ever attempt them, because I think I may be able to put away about 28.  And if that happens, there are no winners.

So congratulations Cathy!  I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the next challenge!


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