Mushroom strudel

Feel like you don’t have enough fungus in your diet?  This recipe, from Smitten Kitchen (a blog I recently discovered but love), will cram a whooooooole lot of it into your belly in one shot.  I didn’t really use the exact recipe from the site, although looking back I really wish I would have remembered to add the sherry.  Still, butter and garlic in a pan combined with mushrooms always yields a good result in my opinion.  I used about 7 phyllo pastry sheets and rolled everything up into one big log, baked it for about half an hour in a 350˚F oven, and sliced it into 4 servings when I was done.  I didn’t even use any fancy mushrooms; just your basic brown grocery store variety.  Although I would love to get fancy and use a wild mushroom mix next time I make this.

Even my husband, a long-time mushroom hater, (“It’s a texture thing, sweetie…”) enjoyed this and said he would eat it if I made it again.


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