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Speaking of stuff you shouldn’t eat…

Along with my husband and another couple, we performed a highly scientific taste-test of 3 varieties of Kraft Dinner a couple of weeks ago.  This sprang up from said husband and I coming upon the new cauliflower KD in the grocery store and wanting to find out if there was any difference between that and the regular stuff.  Like most things, we just had to take it that little bit further and involve other fun people who lack sanity in equal amounts.

The method: We cooked all of the macaroni at the same time so that everything would be at a similar temperature when served.  We used butter in all three batches (this was no time for calorie-counting).  We did not salt the water, nor add any external foodstuffs to the cooked pasta.  This was KD in its purest form.  Varieties used were Original, Spirals and KD Smart (with cauliflower: “A ½ serving of vegetables!”)

The madness: The three kinds we tried all tasted surprisingly different!  I’ll admit that going into this, I was convinced that they would all taste extremely similar, if not identical.

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