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Last month, I was honoured to be chosen by the lovely Adele as the winner of the 51st Paper Chef.  As a result, I have been given the task of choosing both the ingredients and the winner for the May challenge.  And what a challenge it is!  When I first saw the 3 items I pulled out of my (highly unglamourous) empty rubber band box, I was surprised and confused.  I mulled them over though, and decided that they would work just fine, because the internet is nothing if not full of supremely creative people.

So here they are, chefs: Continue reading

Lobster + ginger + orange + apricot

Ginger-poached lobster with orange/apricot salsa

Ginger-poached lobster with orange/apricot salsa

I recently heard about The Paper Chef and thought that it was an amazing idea.  Basically: someone picks some random ingredients and you make up a dish including them.  It’s like Iron Chef, only better because if you fail spectacularly, no one needs to know about it.  Also, you don’t have the crazy “chairman” giving you the stink eye.  Or maybe that makes it less awesome.

At any rate, the ingredients for this challenge were lobster, apricot, orange and ginger.  I’d originally intended to make some kind of lobster burger with a fancy salsa, but I then realized that with a fancy salsa, a burger might be a bit much. Continue reading