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Travel food: 100% rug!

So this is where I gush about how much I love foreign grocery stores.  On my latest trip to Europe, the type of shop I spent the most time in by far was grocery stores.  In Norway it was out of necessity; $8 for some flatbrød was the best deal we found, and when we got to the camping village where the only restaurant’s cheapest item was $20 soup, it was the flatbrød and cream cheese that we feasted on.

In Britain it was a slightly different story.  I love their shops because there are a few areas in which they are light years ahead of North Americans: chocolate bars, chips (crisps), and above all else, dairy.  They have the best cream there.  The really heavy “pouring” cream that just makes everything spectacular.  And better yoghurt too.  Ah, how I miss it.

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Alliterative pizza

So I’m back from my overseas trip.  In a word, it was awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that the only thing stopping me from just defecting to Great Britain was the fact that my husband was still in Canada.  Other than that, I was ready to abandon Edmonton and just stay where I was.

At any rate, food of course was one of the highlights of my trip.  Not least of all was a new pizza topping combination I tried in Norway (which by the way is expensive beyond all reason but also beautiful and so worth a visit).  A random pizza place was the only thing my cousin and I could find open on the first night of our trip.  We were in Bergen and very hungry after our climb straight up Ulriken, which I was woefully unprepared for, in terms of both physical fitness and attire.  He chose the “Solemio,” a mix of pepperoni and pineapple.  It was unexpected and strange, but delicious.