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Apple, onion & Gruyère tart

This might be my new favourite dish.  My mother-in-law gave me 4 random cookbooks for Christmas 2 years ago.  I flipped through them all once and nothing jumped out at me right away so they went untouched on a shelf.  While moving last month, I figured I’d better use them or give them away.  Upon closer inspection of the vegetarian book, a recipe for a simple tart with onions, apples and gruyère cheese looked pretty good.

There’s cheese both in the crust and the filling, which I think adds a nice touch.   Other than that it’s just a basic pie dough, so if pastry scares you, you could just buy a pre-made crust and use that instead.  The first time I made the tart, I used 2 Golden Delicious apples as directed, but found the resulting filling a tad too sweet, so when I made it again yesterday I used Granny Smiths.  This time it wasn’t quite sweet enough, so I think to get it just right a combination of the two should be used.  But if you eat nothing but Macs or Spartans then by all means use those.  A soft apple is just fine in this recipe; it gets grated anyway so you don’t need to use a particularly firm apple that’s going to hold its shape. Continue reading